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Mr. Jeng-shyong Hwang


Investing in education . Accomplishing in the future

Learning is to be prepared for the future; education is investment in the future

Dreams are a source of creativity in life; values are a helm to guide us.

The existence of universities is to manage knowledge, develop talents, integrate the value of knowledge with that of talents, and achieve sustainable development of our society. Karl Jaspers, philosopher of Germany, maintained in his The Idea of The University that a real university should contribute to the following: academic teaching, scientific and academic research, and cultural life with creativity.

With regard to knowledge, Da-Yeh University not only accumulates, collates, and teaches it, but also aims to create new knowledge. We are now in the age of knowledge industry. Knowledge should be invented through science and widespread and applied through learning. Knowledge should be used to develop talents, renew values, advance technology, and better our society. A rule to create knowledge is to put equal emphasis on teaching and research. “Only through research can teaching be enriched and creative; only through teaching can research come to life and impact people’s minds.” A university should not just focus on research and teaching. It must bear the society in mind, develop a passion for life, and make life better with knowledge.

A university is a place for developing talents, such as administrative staff or skillful technicians. The types of talents vary with the demand the development of the society.From creating knowledge to renewing knowledge, we have shifted our focus of developing talents from manufacturing to research and development. People should be equipped with not only great knowledge but also practical experience and the inventive ability.Through the application of a master-apprenticeship system, theory and practice can be equally emphasized and well integrated. “Learning from practice” can contribute to quick thinking and powerful hands.

“We should provide the young with an environment where they may develop their full potential and quickly mature.” We create not only a safe, comfortable environment but also a space for dreams and creative life. Da-Yeh University is located in a mountainous area with beautiful clouds. Here we may get rid of worldly disturbance, but we shall not ignore what happens in our society. Da-Yeh University is not a palace of art but a place for good dreams, safe learning, protected life, and social concern. Therefore, in addition to improving or building facilities for teaching and research, and bettering the resource and equipment for accommodation, leisure, and learning, we will enhance our counseling for exercise and health, and improve the traffic networks with other areas. We will make every effort to build an ideal environment. To realize our ideals depends on an organization that keeps learning and a team that is good at implementation. The mission of an organization is to partner an enterprise. Our enterprise, colleges, and laboratories are all in Da-Yeh University. Let’s make Da-Yeh University a partner for learning, life, and industry. In addition to the existing faculties for teaching and research, we establish scientific research units, integrating research with services. Through reforming our structures and procedures as well as proper allocation of our resources, we may thoroughly complete our missions.

Correct values have a great influence on the encouragement of learning, application of knowledge, inspiration of life, and contribution to the society. We aim to achieve a comprehensive education system, build the values for cultural life, and create the future through life experience.

We should never stay where we are now. To realize our dreams is to extend the beautiful moments of our life; lifelong learning is a guarantee of a promising future. Da-Yeh University would like to provide you with a stage on which you may be prepared for your dreams and your future during the short stay. You may find effective knowledge management, sustainable research development and reformed and inventive administration here. The natural and real life environment here can be one of your good partners in your life. Da-Yeh University will definitely play an important role in shaping, reforming, and improving our society.