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Office of Student Affairs

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The Student Affairs Office takes care of everything about students’ affairs, such as campus life, club activities, hygiene and health care, counseling, crisis management, disaster prevention, student diet and residency, campus safety, etc. In general, the office is responsible for student life, accommodation, counseling, and education.

All of our staff in the office positively face the challenge and deal with student affairs with caring, and loving attitudes. Our staff also actively cooperate with other staff in the university with respect to establishing the ideal educational fusion of academic affairs, disciplinary, and counseling. The office of Student Affairs includes the following four units:

Living Guidance & Residential Service Unit

On the top priority business list of Living Guidance are student loans, tuition fee deduction, scholarships, campus part-time jobs, overseas Chinese students counseling, freshmen orientation, student weekly convention, student conduct monitoring, student reward & punishment, campus security, traffic safety, democracy and law-abiding education, Spring Sunlight activities, etc.

Residential Services mainly deal with affairs relating to student residency-- application for campus dormitories, rooms withdrawal and transfer, assistance to students dormitory serving associations, forums for off-campus landlords, rental information exhibition, off-campus residency advising, rental contract disputes reconciliation, etc.

Extracurricular Activity Unit

The unit strongly encourages students to take part in club activities so as to have meaningful life experiences. Students are inspired to learn and to get interested in many aspects as well as developing good interpersonal relationship and cooperation abilities. Student Clubs, according to their nature, are divided into six major categories: services, scholastic & arts, recreational, social activity, sports and autonomic groups. In addition to club-related business, we are also in charge of class meeting, Youth Tzu-Chiang activities, student grievance dealing, Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society, Group Travel Insurance, and so on.

Hygiene and Health Care Unit

The Hygiene and Health Care Section include campus first aid, trauma management,health consultation, special disease education and follow up, counseling, first-aid kits, crutches borrows the service, etc. Besides, the section also offers freshmen health checkup, first aid training, health promotion program, restaurant workers hygiene lectures, contagions disease management, and other health care section affairs.

Student Development Counseling Unit

The main duty of Student Development Counseling Unit includes individual consultation and counseling services, psychological measurements, group counseling, training for volunteers, and guidance and counseling services for handicapped students. Besides, we also sponsor many mental health related lectures, workshops, and activities for all faculty and students in order to realize the importance of prevention. Our Unit has collected a variety of books on mental health, videos and films for people with interests to read and watch.

This Unit is also responsible for equality commission of sexual harassment and assault.